Video Content Production Agency in Saudi Arabia

We are a full-service creative video content production agency operating in Saudi Arabia.

Corporate Video Production Services in Saudi Arabia

A WIDE, our department of video production services has deep expertise, enough experience, and all the necessary equipment and tools to shoot, edit, produce and promote your video in a way that supports your marketing objectives.

We are a creative agency with a highly experienced, design-driven, and award-winning production team. Our services include a variety of high-quality, professional videography options.

We produce high-quality video materials, from short to full commercial produced and edited. Our video content production services are customizable, depending on each client’s requirements and needs. We do our best for your success.

Creative Visual Storytelling for Your Brand

Visual storytelling is an important trend and an essential part of marketing in the digital era. It allows customers to connect with your business on a deeper level. It is a marketing tactic that effectively captures and keeps your audience’s attention. Visual storytelling is a part of a content marketing strategy that is more than just a sales pitch.

Video is the most effective format for delivering information. Trust our team of professionals to make engaging video content to drive emotions and motivate your target audience to action. Once we receive all the necessary information and details from you, be sure that our team will turn the information into relevant, eye-catching, and resonating pieces of art.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos do you make?

We produce quality video content from short to a full commercial produced and edited including but not limited to:

  • Whiteboard animation videos
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Business video production
  • Commercials
  • Video production for events, etc.

How much does it cost to produce a video?

Prices vary depending on video length, effects, complexity, etc. other factors. There’s no exact price of formula because every video production project is different. You can fill out the Get A Quote form below, so we can learn more about your project and give an exact price.

Is there anything special I should provide you to produce my video?

No, we’ll handle the entire process starting from planning aspects to video editing, music selection, and final delivery.

Who owns the copyright of video produced?

Our clients do; we transfer 100% ownership to a client after all the payments are made.

Let’s Start Planning Your Next Video!

Let us help you with compelling video content that captivates your audience. Invest in your success!


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